It’s been awhile…

I know it’s not the new year, but I am going to make a resolution to post to my blog more often! :)

Since my last updates lots of stuff has happened, so I’m going to go through be topic.  :)

Beekeeper’s Quilt

I had posted a lot about the hexipuffs I was making, but I don’t think I ever shared the final result, so here you go:


As you can see, I ended up making a hexipuff headboard! :D

Handspun Cold Mountain Shawl

I had posted about this when I had just started the knitting, but I never updated with the final result, which is squishy, warm, and beautiful.  Here is the result:


Nooch Fiber

I am continuing to dye yarn for my etsy store, Nooch Fiber and it’s a ton of fun!  Here are some of my latest creations:




Dyeing for our shop has been an extremely gratifying experience – it’s great to see people enjoying the yarn you’ve dyed and making beautiful finished objects!  If you want to see some of the great FOs people have made with my yarn, check out the Nooch Fiber ravelry group! :)

Other Crafting (knitting, weaving, spinning…)

And, since it’s been around a year since I’ve made any post with real substance, here are some of my favorite crafted things I’ve made recently with links to ravelry patterns when applicable:




Handspun socks (no pattern).



Stripe study shawl.



Constantine hat.



Zig zag baby blanket.



Bridgewater shawl (excuse the blocking pic, haven’t had a chance to do this one justice with a nice photoshoot yet).


One of my more recent acquisitions is a 16″ Ashford rigid heddle loom.  Weaving is really fun, super quick, and has some really interesting results.  Here are some of my favorite FOs I’ve made (keep in mind, I’m only a beginner… :D)








Last but not least, lots of handspun yarn, all from my Schacht Ladybug! (this is just a very small sample; I’ve done way too much to post here, haha)






Okay, now I’m going to set a google calendar reminder to update my blog more often! :)

Spinning lace for large shawls

The latest bug to bite me is spinning single-ply lace for large shawls… I don’t know why I got this crazy idea in my head, but suddenly I don’t want to knit with anything but my own handspun lace. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I wasn’t doing 1000+ yard projects. Oops.

My first attempt was:

This yarn, turned into:

This shawl!

Pretty sweet, right? I have been using it a TON in the super-air-conditioned office in the summer. :)

My more current project started off like this:

Became this:

(About 1700 yards, undyed)

(And dyed!)

And is currently in this state:

I am really digging it! :D

So, about this blogging thing…

I’ve decided to actually begin to blog about knitting and other fiber-related things, since, well, I love them! And it was making me sad to just have a few posts on my knitting blog, even if it is exciting to see people knitting up patterns I’ve designed.

Today is the first really cold day of the season in NYC and, surprise surprise, it really makes me want to go home early from work to knit and cuddle with my kitty! :3 I feel so validated in my excessive knitting when it’s scarf/heavy sock/cowl/mittens weather – “See, I really did need to spend $100 at my LYS to make this scarf, since I would be freezing without it!” Ahem, right.

My latest knitting obsession is The Beekeeper’s Quilt, since (1) the result is adorable, (2) it’s relatively low cost since I’m using scraps from my stash, (3) it’s highly portable (!! SUBWAY KNITTING!), and (4) the idea of knitting hundreds of these little guys is strangely soothing in a totally OCD way. Oh, and I’m probably going to learn how to embroider, since I need to have cute little animals, flowers, etc. on at least some of the little puffs… >:D ADORABLE QUILT, HERE I COME!… Slowly. As in, probably a year or two from now. :3 Actually, it might be a little quicker. I started it 4 days ago and I already have 16 or 17 puffs. Assuming I’ll need 400 or so hexes, it’s possible for me to be done in exactly 96 more days! That actually doesn’t sound that bad, and it should still be cold then… Hmmmm, okay, I’m officially making a commitment to be done in about 3 months! Watch me go! Here is a pretty terrible late-night picture of my hexes so far:

Gahhhhhh, LOVE THEM! So smooshy.

Another recent FO of mine is this shawl for my brother:

Isn’t it special? I was really pleased with myself because I dyed the yarn in the exact amounts needed for the shawl and it totally worked out – not without some anxiety about the last few rows of each color while the ball of yarn dwindled… ;)

Anyway, it’s late and it’s time to get some sleep! Goodnight!


About this pattern: I knit this shawl for my mom as a Christmas present in 2009.  This is a great project for knitters looking to get into lace knitting, since the pattern is simple enough to easily memorize and the results are visually stunning (as most patterns based around feather and fan tend to be).  The combination of large needles and lace weight yarn means that the shawl knits up quite quickly and has a nice airiness to it.

Needles: size 11.

Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow, between 500-600 yards.


Loosely cast on 56 stitches.

Row 1: Knit all stitches.

Row 2: Purl all stitches.

Row 3: K1, *K2TOG x3, (YO, K1) x6, K2TOG x3* repeat between *s to last stitch, K1.

Row 4: Knit all stitches.

Repeat rows 1-4 until the shawl measures approximately 7 feet, bind off loosely.  Block!


The shawl in the picture actually included an extra repeat of the pattern, meaning you would have to cast on 74 stitches.  I apologize to those who have already started the shawl!  Thank you Liz for pointing this out!