Because of a missed class, the professor for my Categorical Data Analysis class decided to assign 2 homeworks to be due on the same day. In her defense, she even reminded us to start earlier since it would be more work. What did I do? Oh, I sat around and watched TV and spun all day. Now that I’ve started it, I’ve decided to take a little break while Nick goes and gets me coffee (he’s so sweet!). But yes, I am a horrible procrastinator. But I’m not sure it’s totally unproductive – I feel like great ideas come to me while I’m procrastinating… They’re just not the right ideas for that specific moment, if you know what I meannnn. So here are some things I’m thinking of – I’m hoping that writing them down will help me file them away for now so I can focus on this homework:

– I’m thinking of doing a mini-skein club on Nooch Fiber – maybe 6 45yd mini skeins/month for 3 months for $50? Not sure if people would be interested, especially since I’m not the type of person who signs up for things like that, even if they are fun and a great deal.
– Trying to pin down the % off that we’ll be doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and thinking about making a cute image for those sales, maybe with Neutron on them!
– Already thinking of how I’m going to dye a big order of blank yarn and roving that we made today from our supplier.
– Wanting to watch more Caprica – not sure why I’ve waited this long! I loved BSG (except for the ending…) and I think it’s an awesome universe.
– Missing my favorite yoga class today because I didn’t do this homework before now… :/

I think that’s it for now! Nick just got here! BACK TO WORK! LOGISTIC REGRESSION, HERE I COME! >:D