Spinning lace for large shawls

The latest bug to bite me is spinning single-ply lace for large shawls… I don’t know why I got this crazy idea in my head, but suddenly I don’t want to knit with anything but my own handspun lace. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I wasn’t doing 1000+ yard projects. Oops.

My first attempt was:

This yarn, turned into:

This shawl!

Pretty sweet, right? I have been using it a TON in the super-air-conditioned office in the summer. :)

My more current project started off like this:

Became this:

(About 1700 yards, undyed)

(And dyed!)

And is currently in this state:

I am really digging it! :D

New Nooch Fiber Swap!

A couple months ago, I was approached by a friend on ravelry wanting to set up a mini skein swap that reflects the original 1960s box of 64 crayola crayons. I’ve been super busy working on creating these colors and am very pleased with them!

Lovely, right?

If you’re on ravelry, you can check out the swap here!

Also, lots of new spinning fiber has been added to Nooch Fiber

Delicious polwarth! It’s my favorite spinning fiber! :) We’re also offering a 15% off coupon for Tour de Fleece – check out our facebook page and don’t forget to like us!! :)

Bad blogger!

Hmmm, I have been a very bad blogger! :3

Things that have happened since my last post:

Finished my PhD Coursework!
I honestly couldn’t wait and now it feels so good! I was so tired of taking classes and, honestly, many of them were not really applicable to where I want to go with my career. I guess it’s not worth complaining about now and you never know what might be useful! (Doesn’t mean I’m not super STOKED to not have to spend a considerable chunk of my name on that stuff…….)

Went to Rio (where I’m from) for vacation with my family
So that is a pretty horrible cell phone picture, but it was a blast! :) I love spending time with my brother, sister, and parents! Also, my father’s wife is pregnant!! You know what that means – BABY KNITTING! FUCK YES, I FINALLY HAVE AN EXCUSE TO MAKE ADORABLE THINGS THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE USEFUL! >:D
I also spent both Christmas and New Years over there, which was great, since my Mom has an apartment on Copacabana beach and we got to watch the fireworks there without too much trouble:

Got a sweet haircut while in Rio
Also a crappy cell phone picture, but this is Helio, who is a genius and has been cutting my hair since age 2 (!) when I first got my hair cut. Love him!

Nope, I can’t write a blog post without mentioning those damn addictive puffs! I’m up to 220 now!
I’m starting to think that the quilt is looking just a TAD cool and dark, but that might just be because I have a lot of warm and light colors waiting to be knit up? I’m going to wait a little before making any more, ahem, compulsive yarn purchases.

Schacht Ladybug!
Nick got my an AWESOME spinning wheel for Christmas and I picked up spinning on it in less than 15 minutes. It has been so fun and so much quicker than the spindle!
I was able to spin these 3 ounces of plied yarn in about 3 hours!

Apartment Move!
Nick and I got this amazing apartment in a co-op building and we’re moving this Thursday (the 12th). Yes, my life is a mess, and yes, I am insane for scheduling a move just a few days after I arrive from a 3 week out-of-country vacation. :D It does seem like things are working out fairly well, and, believe it or not, we’re almost completely packed as of right now! Now I just have to distract myself so I can live with this mess of boxes until Thursday morning…

Things that will happen soon!
– I am doing a bunch of swaps on rav for miniskeins and I’ve mostly sent out all my yarns, but I need to make sure I stay on top of those!
– I need to get back to dyeing for Nooch Fiber! :( Haven’t been able to since I got back on Saturday morning because of all this move insanity!

Happy New Year everyone!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Puffy Insanity, Harry Potter

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holy crap! We sold, so, much, stuff. We were literally knocked back to something like 10 items in Nooch Fiber. :o It was AWESOME. Check out the view stats:

Monday was our busiest day ever! Just for reference: the little blip all the way on the left is when I did the mini skein giveaway on this blog. Crazy, right? It was super exciting. I recently got the etsy app on my iphone and I just remember sitting in my stats class and seeing all the orders coming in! :D

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased something on that day! <3 You're all rockstars. I hope you enjoy crafting with our yarn and fiber as much as we enjoyed dyeing it!

Puffy Insanity

My obsession with the hexpuff quilt has continued. I’m up to about 130 puffs now!! Here are my most recent puffs:

And a picture of all the puffs as of a couple days ago:

I feel like I’m still missing some more neutrals… I know there aren’t that many blue puffs, but it just feels too navy to me at the moment. Hard to justify buying more yarn for this project though………. :3 Especially considering the money I’ve spent on Christmas gifts!

Harry Potter

That’s what Nick and I decided would be our next collection at Nooch Fiber! Woohoo! It’s going to be our largest to date – 26 one of a kind colors inspired by all of my favorite characters in the books (that’s right, MY favorites, so no Ginny Weasley, she’s annoying). So far, I’ve dyed five rovings: Minerva Mcgonagall, Nearly Headless Nick, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Rubeus Hagrid. My favorite is Lupin:

It’s so soft and fluffy! ^.^

We’ve also ordered a whole cone of tight twist sock yarn, which will be mini skeined up as soon as it gets here! (please please please let it be before I leave for Brazil on the 14th!!!!) :D

More Yarn?!

I know, it’s bad. But I’m just so into this hexpuff quilt and it’s such a perfect excuse to get more yarn… :3

The three favorites:

The one on the left is from the handspun I posted about yesterday! (so beautiful and speckly!!)

These are my most recent puffs since my last post! I’ve also been busy spinning the two yarns on top to make even more puffs! Here are close ups of the yarns:

182 yards, fingering weight

57 yards, fingering weight

(this one is from the batt I posted about yesterday!)

Finally, here are several yarns I got last week:

The colors are very fall… Speaking of fall, I’m going to Long Island tomorrow for thanksgiving with Nick’s family. Should be fun and delicious!! :) I’m just hoping that we get our blank yarn order on Friday or Saturday, so we can have an epic Cyber Monday sale at Nooch Fiber. I will likely be posting about the coupon codes later today, but expect up to 40% off of everything! :D