Good thing you watch this blog!

This is a special shout out to people who are subscribed to this blog, because I’m only posting this here and on our facebook page!

Here’s the deal: we’re at 99 sales over at Nooch Fiber. We really want to get to 100 because that’s when we’ll be starting up SUPER AWESOME festivities on this blog and giving away several mini skeins!

How can you help? Well, it’s supposed to be a secret, but the person who is responsible for our 100th sale is going to get a custom dyed full size skein of sock yarn OR 5 custom dyed mini skeins! Have you been holding out on getting something over at Nooch that you like? Right now might be a good time…….. ;)

Fine print – I’m probably going to be going to bed relatively soon. Just keep in mind that this will be go to the 100th sale – if it’s already at 100, that means someone else already got it. :)



Okay, my lack of updates have not really been my fault. Erm. School has just been crazy and I’ve been getting home way after dark every day, so no natural light for pictures!! Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale was super successful, so that’s great news! :) I’ll do a big update tomorrow, promise!


Because of a missed class, the professor for my Categorical Data Analysis class decided to assign 2 homeworks to be due on the same day. In her defense, she even reminded us to start earlier since it would be more work. What did I do? Oh, I sat around and watched TV and spun all day. Now that I’ve started it, I’ve decided to take a little break while Nick goes and gets me coffee (he’s so sweet!). But yes, I am a horrible procrastinator. But I’m not sure it’s totally unproductive – I feel like great ideas come to me while I’m procrastinating… They’re just not the right ideas for that specific moment, if you know what I meannnn. So here are some things I’m thinking of – I’m hoping that writing them down will help me file them away for now so I can focus on this homework:

– I’m thinking of doing a mini-skein club on Nooch Fiber – maybe 6 45yd mini skeins/month for 3 months for $50? Not sure if people would be interested, especially since I’m not the type of person who signs up for things like that, even if they are fun and a great deal.
– Trying to pin down the % off that we’ll be doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and thinking about making a cute image for those sales, maybe with Neutron on them!
– Already thinking of how I’m going to dye a big order of blank yarn and roving that we made today from our supplier.
– Wanting to watch more Caprica – not sure why I’ve waited this long! I loved BSG (except for the ending…) and I think it’s an awesome universe.
– Missing my favorite yoga class today because I didn’t do this homework before now… :/

I think that’s it for now! Nick just got here! BACK TO WORK! LOGISTIC REGRESSION, HERE I COME! >:D