Join Nerd Wars!

I’ve written about Nerd Wars before – it’s a really fun crafting tournament on ravelry, where people join different nerdy teams and craft for specific challenges! It’s a great way to get (and stay) motivated, especially since small parts of modular projects are allowed (hexipuffs!). Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that sign ups are now open for the next tournament, which begins on February 1st! Here is a link to the Nerd Wars group on ravelry. I’m hoping to get into Team 1-Up (for videogame nerds)! :D

Nerd Wars

As promised, a description of Nerd Wars:

I guess the first thing you need to know about nerd wars is that it’s awesome! Oh, and it probably helps if you’re a nerd. Since, you know, it might not be relevant/interesting if you’re not. It’s basically a competition between different types/groups of nerds, where points are given for ravelry-sanctioned crafting (knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning).

The teams:
There are lots of them. I think it’s 22 total, but I might be missing one or two. Each team has about 20 people on it. Some teams that I particularly love are: Epic (my team! mmos/rpgs represent!), 1-Up (a close second to epic, since mmos are videogames), and Shady Cels (animation/anime), but there are ones for several other popular nerddoms, like Dr. Who fans, vampires, and trekkies.

The challenges:
Every tournament consists of three rounds lasting one month each. During each round, there are six challenges in pre-determined categories: Giving Geeks, Team Spirit, Technical, Nerd Culture, Intellectual, and Scientific. Crafting items during the month of a challenge can earn your team points, especially if the end result is tied somehow to your team.

So what makes it so fun?
1. Your team! Hanging out with and getting to know other people who are interested in the same things you are is always awesome. ^.^
2. Friendly competition! Always enjoyable.
3. Crafting motivation! The one month per round thing helps you only take on projects that you know you can finish in a reasonable amount of time.
4. General nerdery! Because I want to spend a good portion of my day tying two of my favorite things together: WoW and knitting.

Here are some of my most memorable challenge submissions:

T3R1 Challenge (Intellectual): I HAIKU. YOU HAIKU TOO! (craft something inspired by a haiku that you wrote)

“Helicopter Mitts”

T3R1 Challenge (Technical): COLORTASTIC (craft something inspired by colors / using multiple colors)

Fractal spinning!

T2R2 Challenge (Team Spirit): IT’S FUN TO BE BAD (craft something inspired by a villain)

Yogg Saron scarf!

T2R1 Challenge (Technical): 3(DIMENSION) (craft something 3-D)

Precious from ICC!

If you’d like to join Nerd Wars, search for us on ravelry and join the group! You can’t join a team mid-tournament, but you can submit for the challenges as a ninja warrior, which is almost more fun than being on a team, since you can choose to craft for whichever nerddom tickles your fancy at the time!

I hope this has been informative! :) Goodnight!