About Mariana

I am a PhD student in the departments of Sociomedical Sciences and Psychology at Columbia University in NYC. I picked up knitting during undergrad because it would help me stay awake and focused in classes, but have since fallen completely in love (often with patterns that are too complex to knit during classes).

I am definitely an improviser when it comes to patterns that I design. Though I have been called a perfectionist in other areas of life, I think that little mistakes here and there on hand knit things gives them charm! This is probably reflected in my patterns – I encourage people to be a little bit more experimental and willing to make mistakes and improvise (read: I don’t often gauge things… :x oops.).

Knitting stuff is my favorite way to spend my money when I should be saving it for things like food or transport. Ravelry is my favorite way to waste time when I should be writing papers or studying. I might be in trouble!

I have recently been diagnosed with a trigger finger in my left hand because I’ve been knitting too much (25ish FOs in 2010…….). So I’ve been exploring other things I can do to knit just a little less – crocheting, spinning, dyeing, etc. :) Recent update: I haven’t really stopped knitting that much (whoops!) and I’ve been really busy dyeing roving and yarn for our etsy store. It has been lots of fun!

2 thoughts on “About Mariana

  1. Hi Marianna
    I tried to knit your kindle cover in the spural and eyelet pattern you provide. This pattern is nothing like the pattern you show. Are you trying to trick people

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