We made it to 100 sales at Nooch Fiber! Go us! I’m so so happy – it’s almost our 6 month anniversary and I feel like 100 sales is not too shabby. :)

To celebrate we’re doing a super awesome giveaway of these four beautiful mini skeins (45yds / superwash merino / hand dyed):

Last time we did a giveaway there were lots and lots of comments, so this time we’ve decided to give each mini skein away to one person, meaning that four people get to win! Yay!

In order to be in the running, please visit Nooch Fiber and take a look at our stock first! (We really appreciate it!) Then come back here and comment on this post! It’s that easy. The four winners will be selected on February 5th, 2012 through a random number generator. :D

But that’s not all! As a thanks to everyone who has supported us we are offering a brand new coupon until February 5th: NOOCH100 will give you 20% off your entire purchase!

Thanks everyone and hope to see your comments soon! Much love! <3


151 thoughts on “100TH SALE GIVEAWAY!

  1. I love your miniskein sets…congrats on your 100th sale…I hope you have many more before the end of the year. I especially love your blue tones. (((HUGS))) ajsgramma

  2. Lovely yarn–the silk really makes it shine. I can tell how your shop’s gotten so many sales–with many more on the way, I’m sure! I really liked the one dark pink colorway, but became a bit hesitant about it when I saw its name is President Coriolanus Snow! Perfect for that shade, but oh so creepy. :)

  3. The yarn in your store makes me swoon. I don’t knit anymore, but my cousins wife does and she said she’d make some mittens for me. I’d like to win some yarn for her. I know she’d just love what you have and you bet I’m going to show it to her!

  4. Oh! I had not seen your shop before today, and I’m so glad I’ve seen it now! Those mini skein sets are *genius*! Most of my friends have fallen prey to the hexipuff, and this will be great for ROAKs! Congratulations on your 100th sale!

  5. Congratulations on your 100th sale! I love your yarn and just got the first sampling in my Devil Wears Prada swap in Ravelry’s Mini Mall swap group. It is a lovely minty green called: Lady Gaga Mint! As soon as those minis start circulating you will reach your 200th sale in no time! Don’t think twice about ordering this delicious yarn!

  6. Your yarns and rovings are all so pretty! I love how you pick names for colorways from books. Also, I hadn’t heard of the Beekeeper’s quilt before I looked at your shop, but now I simply MUST make one! Thanks for introducing me to that pattern!

  7. Your colors are delightful. Your drying rack cart is ART!

    Would love to wine some of your yarn, but holy moly, I don’t think it would go toward a Beekeeper’s quilt! Yours, however, is lovely.

  8. Your yarn is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors and am so glad you posted a message on the Knitting. Live Journal. What a wonderful surprise to learn about your yarn and the special Giveaway! Congratulations! I wish you continued success!

  9. I just love the Hand Dyed Fingering weight mini skeins! I just bought two sets and want more. Such great color and yummy yarn.

  10. Gorgeous yarns!
    I especially love the names you gave to your rovings! (Though the Bellatrix colourway is far too lovely to be named after that witch)

  11. Gosh you yarns are beautiful. I love the sock colorways Severus Snape and Doby.
    The orange on the left of your picture here is awesome!
    I am glad to see your store doing well.

  12. firstly, i love the shop name…a guy i used to work with always used to mess with me and call me “nooch”. :]
    secondly, i love the DOBBY yarn…it’s such a pretty color!

    good luck, and congrats on everything!


  13. Great colors, wish I could dye like that! My favorites in your shop are the bright orange ones, and the blue/green ocean-y mixes.

    Just in case I win, I’m on Ravelry under starsongky

  14. Congratulations on 100! I’m super excited for you! You have such wonderful yarns and fibers that I’m a little surprised you hadn’t hit 100 earlier.

    Also, your mini skeins are my favorite. They satisfy my urges to play with lots of yarn at once while also finishing projects. :-) <3

  15. Wow….115 sales already, Congratulations! Seems like only yesterday when I bought Raleigh (and then Dudley and Rue). Love the mini-skeins! I haven’t knit anything with them yet, but I seem to be collecting them (just can’t help it, they’re like yarn candy)

    Looking forward to seeing what other yummy yarny goodness you come up with!

  16. Terrific colors! I love the colorful array of mini skeins laying on the floor. Good luck on continued success with your dyeing business!

  17. …and I always thought one needed a dying studio! Your yarns are lucious. I keep changing my mind which is my favorite, feel like back in the days of a kid in a candy store.

  18. I love your yarn, sadly I’m on a yarn diet until after my wedding because of last minute things we need, but free yarn isn’t forbidden ^_^

  19. What beautiful yarns you stock! I am always looking for places to buy good quality yarn to support good people…looks like I’ve found a new place! Thanks so much for the chance to win some beautiful yarn! The two little loves I knit for will surely appreciate it!

  20. I am going to give my daughter in law the Hexipuff pattern and a bunch of beautiful minis for her birthday! Yours are just beautiful!

  21. Beautiful yarns! I love the names that you’ve given to your colorways.

    I can’t believe I’ve only just found this blog – too many things to comment on! I also knitted my way through a PhD – it was the only way to keep sane, I think.

    Congrats on 100 sales – keep making this stunning yarn. And good luck on the degree, too. ;)

  22. OMG – the yarns are so vibrant – reminds me of Spring! I would love to get my hands on those 4 skeins listed above!! :)

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