More Yarn?!

I know, it’s bad. But I’m just so into this hexpuff quilt and it’s such a perfect excuse to get more yarn… :3

The three favorites:

The one on the left is from the handspun I posted about yesterday! (so beautiful and speckly!!)

These are my most recent puffs since my last post! I’ve also been busy spinning the two yarns on top to make even more puffs! Here are close ups of the yarns:

182 yards, fingering weight

57 yards, fingering weight

(this one is from the batt I posted about yesterday!)

Finally, here are several yarns I got last week:

The colors are very fall… Speaking of fall, I’m going to Long Island tomorrow for thanksgiving with Nick’s family. Should be fun and delicious!! :) I’m just hoping that we get our blank yarn order on Friday or Saturday, so we can have an epic Cyber Monday sale at Nooch Fiber. I will likely be posting about the coupon codes later today, but expect up to 40% off of everything! :D


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