So, many, puffs!

This week has been the week from hell. But now it’s over, so that’s good! I stayed late almost every day this week, so I got to take the day off today to catch up on schoolwork, Nooch Fiber stuff, and just general sanity. So far so good! I still need to go to the postoffice today… Anyway, like many of my posts, this will be about puffs and dyeing!! :D

First off, dyeing:
Whoa! I just realized that I haven’t posted here since that first mini skein update! I’ve been, REALLY, busy. I like dyeing the mini skeins because they really let you be adventurous and try out things that might look horrible without worrying about “wasting” a whole big skein of yarn. It’s silly that I even think that way, since I’ve never made a mini skein that I didn’t like… Go figure. :P There are TONS of them up at Nooch Fiber – I won’t post them all here. Here’s just a little taste:

Very pleased with these! And SO temped to just keep them all for my own quilt… :D

Speaking of my quilt, I’m up to 84 hexes!!!! And I’ve not even been working on this for a month. So awesome and it’s going a lot quicker than I thought, which is great. Here are my most recent poofs:

And the full-poof picture:

It’s really shaping up nicely! I really like the colors. :) And my three faves from this batch:

These are the yarns I’m using:

I was thinking of going to my two local yarn stores today to get more, but I’m not sure if I’ll need it… Decisions, decisions. ;) Maybe after I go to the post office to drop off the mini skeins from the giveaway! :)

Oh, and random:
Nick and I have found the most AMAZING apartment and there is a good chance that we’re going to get it. I really hope it happens!! Right now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. :)


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