Huge post of hugeness!!

This is going to be a huge post because I’ve been slacking! Two main areas: puffs and dyeing! (warning – image heavy)

So first up: PUFFS!

I’m up to 61 puffs!! Woohoo, 15% done! :)

Here are my three faves:

The middle and right one are from my own handspun – spinning for my hexpuffs is my new thing!! So much fun. I also bought some new yarns especially for puffs. In the picture below, you can see two of my single-ply handspuns on the left, a cute little white mohair yarn (kidsilk), and some noro silk garden sock on the right:

I can’t wait until I have a little more cash, I’ll definitely be buying some more roving to spin up for my puffs.

Second up: dyeing!!

First of all, there is a pretty big update over at Nooch Fiber – all mini-skeins. I put some of them up in 4 sets, some up in 2 sets (for stocking stuffers, etc.). Here is a picture of all the minis together: (MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON THE PANORAMIC ONE!)

Okay, so that might have been a little bit of a picture overload, but I’m really into these colors so I had to make sure that they were all nicely visible! :) I plan on dyeing this much again today. Can’t wait to have the shop totally full!!

I also dyed a couple things for me from the scraps that didn’t quite make it to 45yds:

Annnndddd bonus pictures of Nooch laying on my puffs:



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