Nooch Fiber: Breaking Bad

We’re Breaking Bad over at Nooch Fiber!

Nick and I chose Breaking Bad as our inspiration for our latest collection because (1) it’s an awesome show, (2) it’s visual striking, and (3) the latest season just ended, so it’s time appropriate! For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a show on AMC that follows a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White) who is diagnosed with lung cancer and decides to start cooking/selling meth because he wants to leave money behind for his family and has nothing left to lose. It’s very gritty, depressing, and violent, so definitely not a good watch if kids are in the room! The cinematography is totally AMAZING and I have a personal love for it because it takes place in New Mexico and I really enjoy the southwest US scenery. If you have netflix, the first few seasons are available to stream. :)

Here is the collection:

The characters represented from left to right are:
Skyler, Jesse, Gustavo, Hank, Saul, Walt, Walt Jr., Marie, and Mike

In other news, I’ve decided to move some of my clothes around to make a full drawer in my dresser just for hexpuffs and hexpuff yarns! Unhealthy? Maybe. Amazing? Definitely:


Hope you have a splendid day!


2 thoughts on “Nooch Fiber: Breaking Bad

  1. I loved looking though your site!! Very pretty colors of yarn!! I really liked your bee keepers Quilt. Could you let me know where I could find the pattern? I do some knitting ,knitting looms and crocheting.I also play around a little with fabric quilting, anything to keep me out of trouble!!

    • Hey Karen! Do you know about It’s a great website where you can sign up (for free!) and have access to all sorts of free patterns and a bunch of other really cool stuff. That’s where I found the beekeeper’s quilt pattern. :)

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