**This is all done! Thanks so much to everyone who commented!!**

Nick and I thought this would be fun to do, so we’re doing a…


What can you win?
Why, these lovely 45 yard fingering weight mini-skeins, hand dyed by yours truly:

(Yes, the colors are Christmas themed! The unusually cold weather in NYC has made us long for December!)

How can you win?
First of all, we would love it if you went to our etsy shop, Nooch Fiber to check out our other hand dyed yarns and fibers! After that, leave a comment on this post telling us something awesome – about your own scrap yarn blanket, your cats, how much you love the holidays, a cool dream you had, videogames you play, anything! I’ll wait until next Saturday, November 12th (5PM EST) to lock the comments and randomly choose a commenter to win! Make sure you either include your e-mail in the comment somehow or come back to the blog next Saturday to see if you won! (It would really suck for you to win and be totally un-contactable!)

Many hugs, kisses, and kittens! Can’t wait to see the comments and share two of our mini-skeins! (include your puffs as a picture if you’re a puffer like me!)

ETA: Please only comment once! :) D’oh, should have remembered to say that the first time around!



  1. Those are some really lovely colours!
    And HOLY SNAP! There’s fibre in that shop too. I just added you to my Etsy favourites! :D ♥

    PS: I’m anairb on Ravelry, if that helps as much as an email address. ;)

  2. The colors are simply lovely…and they would fit quite nicely into my hexipuff quilt!
    What an awesome idea – thanks so much for offering this giveaway! Your etsy store is fabulous – I’ve favorited it as well!
    Ravelry name – Julsa

  3. Pretty fiber! Your shop just got bookmarked :)

    So, something awesome: My pet rats are curled up in a ball together napping while the cats are asleep on top of the rat cage. There’s a whole lot of cute going on right now!

    For contacting me, I am Livvyrat in Ravelry :)

  4. Love your awesome hand-dyed yarn! Something awesome: I have made it past the halfway count of my hexipuffs needed for a bed quilt! I would use your minis (if I won) to make hexipuffs and add their awesomeness to my blanket and sleep under it every night!
    Ravelry name: Kimberly3706

  5. Love your mini skeins. The colors are gorgeous. I visited your Etsy shop and had to restrain myself from buying more. The aran cotton was just too beautiful. I’me sorry there was only one skein left. I can’t figure out how I’m going to use it, but I’ll work on it.

  6. These would be great for my Bee Keeper’s Quilt. So far, the cat has managed to make a bed out of the bag of already completed puffs. Oy vey.

    PS Hi From live journal!

  7. Your rovings make me wish I knew how to spin. But if I spin, when will I knit??

    On Ravelry, I’m SueChicago.

    Hope to hear from you.

  8. Okay, I’ll tell you something awesome. . . your COLORS! They look like instant relief for even the worst kind of winter time blues. Your etsy goodies are MAHvelous, dahling!

    No cats here. One neurotic dog is all we can handle.

  9. Your rovings inspire me to create some thrummed mittens, love the colors!
    Currently making hexi-puffs in the KAL at Ravelry I am lemonflower.
    Need yarn!! LOL I’ve used up this year’s budget for sure!

  10. Oooh – these are seriously gorgeous colours :-) And the yarn looks wonderfuly smooshy. Your shop looks lovely – but couldn’t spend long or I’d have blown next month’s yarn budget (this month’s is already well and truly gone ha ha!)

  11. Pretty! Something awesome– I may be able to start working on my Beekeeper’s Quilt again tomorrow, after my arm has been giving me problems. I’m up to 30 puffs! (slkwinn at gmail dot com)

  12. Hi, thanks for the giveaway!
    My awesome fact?
    I haven’t played videogames in awhile but I am nostalgic for some N64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time…

    Thanks again!

  13. love that you have hunger games themed stuff- I have only read 1 or 2 of these books(i have to ask my daughter-she gave me them to read, but I know we don’t have them all) and I loooooved the books. I feel like a re-read then I need to come back to check out the fibery goodness to see what I just can’t live without. You have been favorited.

    on rav i am kiten101

  14. Oh wow, you have some really bright colours there! Keep up the great work!

    I am currently trying to catch up on comission knitting so I can have time to knit myself a hat out of the hand-spun, hand-dyed camel down yarn that I scored from the yarn store I work at!

  15. Beautiful colors. They would make a nice addition to my puff blanket! ;) I’m visiting my folks in the US for Thanksgiving and Xmas, so I’ll have a lot of puffing time on my hands.

  16. oh, cute yarn! i love the christmas-colors! :)
    so, i send you some good-shiny-weather-greets from bavaria / germany and tell you not at this point, that we can still wear tshirts outside… mmmhhh, really warm weather! ;D :P


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  18. Lovely yarn! I handed in my proposal for my dissertation on Friday, yay! Though that mightn’t be very awesome to people who aren’t me. So another awesome thing is that Christopher Lee is coming to give a talk in my college this week. I am an excited fangirl.

    My Ravelry name is Forkis, and in case I missed anything about the offer being counrty-specific, I’ll pay for any extra cost associated with shipping to Ireland if I win!

  19. I don’t have any cats, but my dog likes to sit and watch me very intently while I knit. And when I put down my knitting he lets out a few little barks as if he’s saying “hey…you aren’t done yet…keep working!”

  20. Something awesome: I just started hexipuffing this last week, and I’m loving it! You should have my email on your comment form, but I’m WordLily on Ravelry if that’s easier.

  21. My fav time of the year is fall. I love sitting on my porch enjoying the beautiful colors while I work on knitting a blanket to wrap up in when it gets colder.

  22. This whole mini-skein REVOLUTION is right up my alley! Lots of colors, less money out of my pocket! Now if I only knit some small items….I guess that is next up in my addiction!

  23. I love the beekeepers quilt pattern so much. I have a couple projects I want to finish first, but these mini-skeins would be great to use towards making the hexipuffs for it! Very pretty yarn!

  24. Hi Mariana,
    I love this yarns,I’d love to win it for my Homemade gifts for Christmas
    I’ve many crochet projects in mind, but I haven’t yarn stash, so I’ll love to win
    Thanks so much for your generosity

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  26. Ooh! Christmas-themed hexipuffs, how adorable! The air almost smells like Christmas already… and we got snow in October! How crazy is that? I’d love to win the mini skeins… minis are just so cute!
    I’m emilygurumi on Ravelry, feel free to add me as a friend! :)

  27. Oh, I could spend a small fortune on your site! The color blends are amazing! I knit hats for the little preemies at a local hospital and I would imagine that your mini skeins could keep a lot of little heads warm year round!

  28. Love the Christmas colors, especially that green! These would be fantastic in my Beekeeper’s Quilt. (I knitted my 50th puff last night.)

    I’m StarsongKY on Ravelry and Twitter, or StarsongKY at Yahoo dotcom.

  29. Hello! What gorgeous colours!

    I work in a museum and on Saturdays I’m by myself, which can get pretty lonely. Today, a lady came in and commented on my hand-knit cardigan – wouldn’t you know it, she was a knitter! We talked about our favourite designers, yarns and even Ravelry. I think we spent longer talking about knitting than she did going round the gallery! It was so nice.

    I’d love to be in with a chance to win these mini-skeins. I took a look at your Etsy, and, oh my, I LOVE the Breaking Bad-inspired collection. I might have to nab me some Walter White ^_^

    Emma xx

  30. Hey all:

    I am a guy, yes a guy that knits. I love, love to knit!! It is so much fun. I love creating warm pieces for my friends and family during the winter. The best thing about knitting is no matter the color or shape the fact of making a handmade gift for someone is such a great feeling of accomplishment.
    John Cahill

    *Happy Knitting!

    onebluetoe at aol dot com

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