Late post… So tired……..

Not much typing tonight – didn’t sleep well last night and am feeling generally drained after a long midterm in my Categorical Data Analysis class. Oof. But hey! I made it. So here I am! :D

Since last time, we actually dyed the little skeins! Oh man, they look cute. I kind of just want to keep them and not sell them on Nooch Fiber… >:3 Argh! I should start selling something that I don’t want so I won’t always be tempted, haha.

They are so squishy! I took a picture of them all on my Macbook Pro yesterday so that you can get an idea of how little and cute they are. :) Each one is about 45 yds.

Something else I’ve been doing is plying two lace weight yarns to create a fingering weight to knit puffs with. Why? Because something like 75% of my stash is lace and I REALLY don’t want to spend much/any money on the quilt I’m making. Oh, and I decided to also make some minis out of that stuff, so I can also sell some of it on the etsy store – so instead of spending money I’ll (maybe) be making some! :D Clever, right? It would be more clever if it didn’t take hours to ply on my little drop spindle… I honestly don’t know how much of it I will actually be doing. I got about 420 yds done yesterday/today and the result is pretty:

The little skeins and my own bigger skein are all drying in the bathroom right now after a nice soak in some hot water. We’ll see how they knit up into little puffs…

Speaking of puffs, here are the ones I’ve knit today:

Alright, goodnight! I was thinking of staying up until midnight tonight to see the new Nerd Wars challenges, but I’m soooo sleeeeppyyyyyyyy. >.< Oh, I've never said anything about Nerd Wars on here! That will have to wait for another day.


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