Puffs and fiber!

Good morning!

It’s a beautiful day out today, but still very chilly. The cars on the street are still covered in snow. Thankfully, Nick picked up all my coats at the dry cleaner yesterday afternoon, so I’m now prepared for the cold! >:D

I spent almost all day yesterday watching Eureka on Netflix and knitting hexpuffs – I’m up to 27.5! :o Crazy, right? Here is a picture of them all:

These three are my favorites so far:

I especially love the one on the left, since it looks like a little landscape scene, maybe like the ocean in the nighttime.

In Nooch Fiber news:

1. We decided to start selling mini-skeins (a little over 45 yds) and Nick spent some time last night making the little guys:

It’s hard to tell how adorable and tiny these are in the picture, but they’re about as long as my hand. ^.^ I can’t wait to dye them today!

2. We sold a pretty huge order to our rav friend CrochetByZ! Whoa! Made my morning! …And also made our shop look a little sad and understocked. All the more reason to get dyeing with those mini-skeins! Here’s the stuff that she bought in the zip lock bags:


Today will be spent studying for my Categorical Data Analysis midterm, playing some WoW, and I’ll probably also make a trip to J.Crew to exchange or return a coat I got online that I ended up not loving. Hope you have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Puffs and fiber!

  1. I agree. The hexpuff on the left is very nice. The middle one has a beautiful colour too – almost jewel-like. I am in the middle of writing up my thesis so still resisting hexpuffs but I hear them calling out to me all the time… So instead I am enjoying your photos and blog instead.
    Saw the photos of the snow storms that have hit north eastern US. Hope the winter won’t be as bad as last year’s. Over here in our part of the UK, it is still quite mild. Hope it stays that way.

    • Ohhh, what is your thesis on? And which program are you currently doing? Maybe writing about it on here will help you get going on it! :D Hey, I’m going to expect you to ask me when I’M the one stalling! Haha.

      • Hi. My thesis is on the construction of leadership identities. I have so far submitted three draft chapters and working on my literature review at the moment. It is hard going. I am not a taught programme so it is difficult to keep going on one’s own. But go on I must. My submission deadline is end of March 2012. Sadly I am easily distracted especially knitting. Just bought some more yarn…
        So how far in are you in yours? Hope you are enjoying your course.
        The little skeins look great and I think you are definitely going to meet your hexipuff deadline. Look forward to seeing more of the cute little guys.

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