BEAR CLAW – Kindle 2 Cover

About this pattern: a more manly Kindle 2 cover, knit for a friend.

Attention: I did not gauge this pattern.  It is useful to work this with your Kindle 2 handy, so that you can ‘try it on’ as you knit (if you don’t have a Kindle 2, you can look up the dimensions online and create a correctly sized cardboard cut out).  The pattern below reflects my natural gauge – if your cover is too tight or too loose, try removing or adding stitches on the sides of the cover.  As you are knitting, the cover will always look too small – it’s what keeps it snug.

Needles: size 8 circulars, at least 30” long for Magic Loop or double pointed needles.

Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid, between 75-125 yards.


Cast on 52 stitches loosely, pattern is worked in the round.  Each row should be knit twice per round, creating the stitch on both the front and back of the cover.

Row 1: K5, YO, (K1, P3) 4 times, K1, YO, K4.

Row 2: K6, (K1, P3) 4 times, K6.

Row 3: K6, YO, (K1, P3) 4 times, K1, YO, K5.

Row 4: K7, (K1, P3) 4 times, K7.

Row 5: K7, YO, (K1, P3) 4 times, K1, YO, K6.

Row 6: K8, (K1, P3) 4 times, K8.

Row 7: K8, YO, (K1, P2tog, P1) 4 times, K1, YO, K7.

Row 8: K9, (K1, P2) 4 times, K9.

Row 9: K9, YO, (K1, P2tog) 4 times, K1, YO, K8.

Row 10: K10, (K1, P1) 4 times, K10.

Row 11: K10, YO, (sl1, K1, PSSO) 4 times, K1, YO, K9.

Row 12: knit all stitches.

Repeat rows 1‐12 until the Kindle 2 is completely covered. Bind off using Kitchener stitch.

*This pattern has been edited to fix a mistake – it was missing a YO after the first 10 stitches on row 11! Thank you Lo and Becca for pointing this out!*

*This pattern has been edited again, because I wrote it up incorrectly! So sorry!*

6 thoughts on “BEAR CLAW – Kindle 2 Cover

    • I also like the pattern. I got a new Kindle for Christmas – would that make it a Kindle 3? I also would like to know how to alter pattern.

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